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I watched this glorious movie on among the list of sites called 123movies, and I actually liked the film, including this page – extremely fast video loading, premium quality and virtually no ads.

Excellent! Soon after watching, the first has been doing something really worthwhile lately. City Dudes rule! Okay, not about that.

Work is the everyday work of a smaller regional office of a giant stationery company (I’m not certain concerning this, the memory has been knocked out), whose inhabitants have to endure the quirks with their unlucky boss performed by Steve Karel for the days on end.

The peculiarity of work in a sort of documentary, a hand-held camera and interviews with characters really makes what’s happening on the watch’s screen real.

Michael Scott will be the boss from the company, who completely disowns this, firstly, not surprisingly, he wants as a friend, for then someone that manages a complete office. Carries a mug with all the words’Best Boss ‘, which he bought at some sale. Before us, he sounds like an idiot. Idiot of pure water. At some point you are going to laugh their way to tears, and at another moment you will be simply wanting to kill, and in some cases faster. I do think the further I look, the harder I will hate this Persian.

Pam Beasley is a secretary who strongly believes that today’s girls usually do not try to become her (in the feeling of a position). She loves fruit yogurt, draws with watercolors and oils, seeks to please Jim (about him below), has been around in a relationship back with her fiancé for 3 many hopes to finally celebrate a marriage, that has been postponed again (I wonder if Jim will be invited to the marriage?)

Dwight (about the last name – did not hear) is definitely the deputy director (as he claims), however, the boss always corrects him and says that he’s only an assistant. Shares his workplace with Jim, tolerates jokes on his part and considers himself an indispensable employee who cannot have staff cuts in a way.

Jim Halpert – performing a duties there, has some feelings for the secretary Pam Beasley, doesn’t understand where all his exposure to paper along with office is going if he’s fired, not without irony makes fun of Dwight and believes that everything in the Office is just at the job itself as they are, but externally the task is very normal and individual.

The dubbing is well chosen, Steve Karel speaks inside the voice of your person I understand well from childhood (sorry I wouldn’t remember, I definitely heard the series and cartoons voiced by him).

10 out from 10

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Hej verden!